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June 17, 2024 by Elizabeth Openshaw

Making tough decisions is… well… tough. We all know this in the complex world of work, of running a business, and keeping a business afloat. If it was easy, it wouldn’t be so rewarding. But there are some times in the life of a business when those tough decisions affect the lives of your employees – not only at work but also threaded through their personal lives. Letting staff go becomes unavoidable, whether that’s so the business can keep going or those members of staff are just no longer required. The responsibility of navigating these transitions, while ensuring that those employees leaving can move into successful new roles while sustaining an excellent reputation for your company, is so important. Standing at the crossroads of these difficult decisions, the search for the best outplacement coaching solution becomes a mission in itself.

This article will delve deep into the concept of outplacement coaching, its significance, and what sets Careerminds apart from other providers in delivering a bespoke experience for those job seekers going through a career transition, that probably wasn’t their choice. From uncovering the basics of outplacement coaching to discovering the distinctive qualities that make Careerminds stand out in a crowded market, we’ll spell out our particular approach to outplacement coaching, and how it complements the different experiences of participants.

We will look into:

  • The definition of outplacement coaching
  • What to expect from an outplacement coach 
  • The key points to consider when deciding on an outplacement coach 
  • Careerminds’ approach to outplacement coaching
  • Different examples that illustrate outplacement coaching in action 

What is outplacement coaching?

Outplacement coaching is a specialised form of career guidance that supports those individuals leaving their current employment, and transitioning into a new role or place of work. The main focus of outplacement coaching is to assist employees in navigating the spectrum of what it means when you find yourself having to search for another position.

It’s not just the loss of a job that needs to be confronted, but how it affects the whole of your life. This type of coaching recognises the emotional and professional impact of involuntary job loss, aiming to provide individuals with the necessary tools, strategies, and support that will effectively steer them through the transition process.

Outplacement coaches are there to provide a supportive environment for employees processing their feelings, coping with change, and regaining that all-important confidence needed to believe in themselves, and their prospects of landing a new role. This 360 degree approach takes into account that transitions involve the practical steps of securing a new position, as well as a personal journey of growth and moving forward with a positive attitude. 

In this way, outplacement coaching is an all-encompassing support system that equips individuals with the resources, skills, and mindset required to traverse through the complexities of the job market and successfully come out the other side.

Outplacement coaching is just one part of the customised outplacement process that we offer at Careerminds.

What does an outplacement coach do?

Outplacement coaches work with each participant to fulfil their potential by assessing their strengths, skills, and career goals along the way to help them identify suitable roles and industries for their next career move. Capitalising on comprehensive resources, such as CV and LinkedIn profile optimisations, interview techniques, and guidance on how to network effectively, outplacement coaches ensure individuals present themselves in the best possible light to be job market-ready. 

Additionally, coaches provide valuable insight into industry dynamics and current job market trends, enabling participants to make informed decisions about where they want to go next.

What to look for in an outplacement coach

While all outplacement providers want to achieve the same end goal for outgoing employees i.e. placing them in new and worthwhile jobs, the applied methodology can differ enormously. That is especially true when it comes to outplacement coaching and the services offered. 

To reap the rewards of top quality outplacement coaching, check out the tips below of what to look out for when it comes to evaluating different approaches and choosing the right outplacement provider for you and your company.

  1. Specialised expertise in your chosen field

When choosing the right outplacement coaching, it’s essential to pick a provider that has detailed knowledge of your industry or sector. Look for coaches who hold specific expertise in the requirements and challenges that are unique to your departing employees. If they are familiar with industry-specific trends and practices, their guidance should be on-point in order to maximise the chances of success in the targeted sector.

  1. On-demand coaching and a flexible approach

The modern job market shifts and changes so fast that you need outplacement coaching services that keep up with this. Outplacement coaches should offer support that’s there whenever you need it, while adapting to schedules and needs of your impacted members of staff. This flexible approach will ensure that you receive timely guidance, in the form of face-to-face meetings, phone / video calls, emails, texts, or online messaging. Coaches who understand the importance of assistance round-the-clock will enhance the ability to hunt down a new role following a redundancy. 

  1. A forward-thinking, tech-savvy perspective

With everyone online nowadays, it’s crucial that the outplacement coaching services you choose are forward-thinking and tech-savvy. Look for those coaches who use technology to come up with innovative solutions, such as online networking opportunities, advanced job search tools, virtual career fairs, and online career management software to report results and data. 

  1. The capability to understand your specific requirements

Every individual’s career journey is unique. That translates that outplacement coaching should mirror that, so find a coach who will take the time to get to know each participant on a deeper level, really grasping the specific needs, goals, and circumstances of each. This personal approach means the coach can adjust their guidance, so any strategies align with each participant’s challenges and aspirations. It makes sense as this leads to more effective and fulfilling career transitions.

  1. Up-to-date knowledge of dynamic job market trends

The job market is for-ever shifting, being under the influence of changing industry trends, economic shifts, and technological advancements. An effective outplacement coach will be ahead of these changes, and have up-to-date knowledge of current trends, so they can provide relevant advice on skills that are in demand in different sectors, up-and-coming opportunities, and the evolving expectations of employers. This will give participants a competitive edge during their job search.

  1. Longevity of an outplacement programme

How long should an outplacement programme last? An effective one should provide ongoing support while addressing the needs of participants as they progress through the different stages of the career transition. Most programmes, from other providers, offer services for a limited amount of time – from a few weeks to a few months. Careerminds, however, offers support “until placement”, demonstrating their commitment by working with individuals until they’ve secured their next role. 

What does outplacement coaching look like at Careerminds?  

It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach at Careerminds. Our USP is the development of personalised career strategies. We recognise the significance of customising outplacement programmes that meet the requirements of each client. People are our priority, at every turn, underlining our commitment to enabling a seamless transition for every individual who is affected by workforce changes. 

It’s a fresh approach that works for everyone involved, differentiating us from the competition, while ensuring our services remain cost effective.

We know that cost, at the end of the day, is important, so our goal is to provide value for money by delivering comprehensive outplacement solutions without the financial strain. It’s the participants that we’re interested in. And because of that, we celebrate individual success, while contributing to the overall well-being of your organisation’s workforce.

Let’s look at the special qualities that make Careerminds stand out, and how our unique approach can benefit transitioning employees as well as your business.

The difference at Careerminds

Searching for a new role can be a daunting prospect. If you haven’t had to look for a role in years, where do you even start? Careerminds has you covered. We stand by you as your dedicated partner, helping you to navigate through this change, from extracting yourself from your current role to finding the confidence and courage to tackle a new role, a new career path, or even retirement.

We boast a 95% placement rate with participants securing new and better positions in just 11.5 weeks, which is three times faster than the national average. Committed to action, we ensure that all participants connect with their career coach within 24 hours of eligibility, allowing them a first-off-the-blocks advantage to finding success in the job market as soon as possible.

Factors that set us apart are: 

Unlimited support: Every participant receives unlimited support from a dedicated coach and team of experts until placement. This personalised coaching outplacement is four times more extensive than a typical outplacement programme. 

Expert branding: Professional brands are elevated with the expert Careerminds touch. Our team of specialists craft CVs and LinkedIn profiles that significantly accelerate each participant’s journey to secure new positions.

Global capacity: The global model at Careerminds combines a consistent delivery with local expertise across every major market in the world, ensuring that you receive the best of both worlds – globally applicable strategies that are tailored to the specific dynamics of your local job market.

Round-the-clock access: Gain a comprehensive view of progress with our cutting-edge career management software. With 24/7 access, each participant enjoys real-time insights into the results and data of their outplacement programme, as well as benchmarking, trends, and best practice.

Real partnership: Collaboration in our middle name! We work with companies and participants, designing customised solutions at every level, from individual contributors to executives. Our commitment to cultivating robust partnerships ensures that your unique needs and end goals are front and centre of our tailored strategies.

Careerminds outplacement coaching: participant examples

We could go on about all the different advantages of our outplacement coaching services, but how do these benefits translate in the real world with real people?

Below are three participant examples that shed more light on the impactful ways in which Careerminds has provided unwavering support throughout each individual’s journey.

Example 1: David, sole provider

David, as the sole provider for his family, was well connected. But he had to get moving quickly on his career journey as he had an interview the following week, and needed to start with outplacement coaching that very same day. Being able to speak 1-2-1 with a dedicated Careerminds coach within 24 hours of being made redundant proved incredibly useful for David. 

Example 2: Anna, new to the job market 

Anna hadn’t needed to look for a job for 15 years, but was struggling with the change in the recruitment sector and the tools needed to land a new position. Anna was able to speak with her coach three times a week, giving her the support she needed to emerge as a tech-savvy candidate for her next position. 

Example 3: Ahmed, looking to retire

Ahmed was at that stage when he was ready for retirement, but was looking for a part-time position to tide him over. He needed assistance to showcase his experience and interests on LinkedIn. With Careerminds, Ahmed received both retirement lifestyle and career coaching in the same programme, helping him make the transition to the next phase of his life much more smoothly. 

Outplacement coaching: the takeaway

Having explored the world of outplacement coaching, here are the key takeaways:

Definition of outplacement coaching 

To recap, outplacement coaching is a specialised form of career guidance that supports individuals who are transitioning out of their current employment. Its main aim is in assisting employees to successfully navigate the challenges of job loss and transition into new opportunities. 

The role of your outplacement coach

Outplacement coaches develop personalised career strategies, assessing skills, strengths, and career goals along the way. Services include CV / LinkedIn profile optimisation, interview preparation, and insights into current job market trends. 

Choosing an outplacement coach

Keep an eye out for specialised expertise, on-demand coaching, a personalised approach, and outplacement programmes that take you right up to finding a new role.

Careerminds’ approach to outplacement coaching 

People are our priority, with our services providing cost-effective and comprehensive outplacement solutions. Our commitment to strong action plans is evidenced by a 95% placement rate, with participants landing jobs within an average of 11.5 weeks. 

We stand beside you as a dedicated partner during the career transition journey, offering bespoke, timely, and effective outplacement coaching. By understanding the unique needs of each participant, Careerminds delivers transformative experiences making the transition journey meaningful and impactful for every individual.

If your organisation is considering outplacement services, contact us at the earliest opportunity to find out more. 

Elizabeth Openshaw

Elizabeth Openshaw

Elizabeth Openshaw has over 12 years of experience in the job search sector, including extensive expertise in outplacement and CV reviews. Previously a Journalist on national publications, she is Director of her own company, OpenDoor CV Expertise Ltd. You can connect with her at Elizabeth Openshaw | LinkedIn.

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