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Supporting employees through the career transition process in collaboration with HR

We remove the stress that can come with making that next career move. By offering comprehensive outplacement and career transitioning services, we help businesses and individuals navigate their way through the transition period and ultimately succeed in the next step.

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Solve any talent management issues with our help

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development and talent mobility

Improve engagement, boost productivity, and increase retention while supporting succession planning strategies.

Upskilling & reskilling

Identify required skills, overhaul existing talents, and analyse any gaps in order to upskill and reskill the workforce to improve.


Decrease costs on recruitment and onboarding, reduce redundancies, retain intellectual property, minimise staff turnover, and swiftly fill positions.

outplacement solutions

Preserve your brand while offboarding workers successfully and overseeing any staff who retire.

Global outplacement resources

Organisations can accelerate forward with their objectives, while protecting their ethos, brand, and bottom line, by avoiding the risks of downsizing using our global outplacement services.
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Executive outplacement resources

We champion executives across all sectors, titles, and functions, by providing a high quality service that includes unlimited mentoring from accomplished, industry-savvy coaches. They devise bespoke packages for clients, specifically tailored towards the best possible outcomes.

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See how our clients and participants succeed

Companies all over the world work with Careerminds to provide support for their employees, protect their employer brand, and reduce stress for everyone involved in transition.

“Having to say goodbye to a teammate is never easy… We chose Careerminds because of their commitment to our people until landing. We also appreciate the virtual component to be able to offer access to services no matter where they are located. This is critical for a geographically dispersed, diversified organization.”

Erica | VP Talent

“I was really impressed with Careerminds’ professionalism and expertise. They had helpful answers to our questions and helped us through some difficult conversations.”

Doug | CEO

“I think that the improvement that I made does not stop within the company’s building. It’s not only making me a better employee, I think it also makes me a better father, a better husband, too. I really feel that it’s proven to not only benefit me professionally, it also benefited me personally.”

Leadership Participant | GeoBlue

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People are our priority. That is why we have customised executive outplacement solutions at competitive prices that work for every level of the C-suite.

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