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Here at Careerminds, as your career development and outplacement partner, we care about your business, your workforce, and your brand.
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Cutting-edge technology and in-depth career mentoring culminate in amazing results

Here at Careerminds, as your career development and outplacement partner, we care about your business, your workforce, and your brand.

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Achieve guaranteed results and savings with our customised resources

Dovetailing state-of-the-art technology with targeted career coaching means we can provide 80% plus in engagement rates, under 12 weeks on average to secure another position, and personalised services at lower prices than other outplacement companies.

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Our goal is to get your staff back to the workplace

Time is of the essence, so we vow to work with participants until they find a position that’s just right for them, by supporting them, step-by-step, through the outplacement process. It’s our mission and our guarantee at Careerminds to get them back to work.

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Our values

The human touch

There’s nothing like human connection, so while we use the most up-to-date technology to help our clients, it’s the human touch that makes all the difference. We pride ourselves on blending vital tech with that personal approach, combining empathy and compassion with total understanding.

Remaining innovative

Every decision is taken to better the lives of our clients, employees, and participants. That’s why we incorporate new technology and innovative ways of thinking to improve industries and break down any barriers.

Being inclusive

Inclusivity is at the centre of our ethos, encouraging everyone to be authentic and true when either working with us or for us.

Supporting everyone

By offering outstanding support and encouragement to clients and the HR community, we become a trusted partner on the road to job placement success, with the mission to be there for you and your team throughout.

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We’re part of the family

The family of companies unites the best job market experts and mentors within a unique technological ecosystem. Backed by AI and digital tools, we provide services in job search, career growth, coaching, and more.

Combining advanced technology with decades of human experience allows us to meet the challenges of the digital age unlike anyone else on the market.

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Do you require outplacement support?

People are our priority. That is why we have customised talent management solutions at competitive prices that work across every level.

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